Worker’s Compensation

Have you incurred an injury at work?

If you sustain a work injury, your first step should be to notify your employer and then see a doctor right away. Your doctor may advise that you take time away from work and it’s your responsibility to provide your employer with a copy of your doctor’s orders. It’s very important that you follow your doctor’s treatment plan carefully.

Should you need assistance processing your worker’s comp claim, please contact me. I will assist with processing your claim with the worker’s compensation insurance company. If your worker’s comp claim has been denied, I can help with contesting a claim denial to get you what you deserve.

Back Injuries

A back injury at work could result in a successful worker’s comp claim. If you sustain a permanent back injury at work and cannot return to work because of the related restrictions, you may have a claim for lost future income. Technically, this claim is called a Loss of Earning Capacity (LOEC) claim and worker’s comp pays benefits based on that loss.

Neck Injuries

If you’ve sustained a neck injury at work, you may be entitled to a worker’s comp claim. Your claim for a permanent neck injury follows the same course as that for a back injury, as described above.

Permanent & Total Disability

You may not be able to work anywhere because of permanent and total disability related to a back, head, neck or pulmonary injury. The compensation for permanent and total disability is usually higher than that for LOEC. You will need a worker’s comp attorney to help sort this out.


In the event of a work place death, the compensation for the surviving family is equal to four times the employee’s annual wage. Usually, the cause of a work place death is so obvious that the insurance company voluntarily pays the claim and you would not need a lawyer. However, sometimes the cause of death is not clear and is the subject of a dispute with the insurance company. Call immediately if this occurs.

Injuries to Arms, Hands, Legs and Feet

Permanent injuries to your arms, hands, legs and feet could mean that you are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits.

If you believe you are entitled to worker’s comp benefits, please call me today.

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