Social Security Disability

Have you been injured, but aren’t quite ready for retirement?

You may become disabled before retirement, which may then qualify you for social security disability benefits. Your medical records are critical to your application, so it’s important that you see a physician and request that detailed notes be kept about your condition. The best records to support your claim will show the limitations you face every day because of mental or physical impairments.

I can help you develop your social security disability claim.

Listings of Impairments

Social Security publishes a list of impairments that automatically qualify for social security disability (SSDI) or supplemental security income (SSI). The list covers all systems of the body, (e.g., cardiovascular, nervous, muscular-skeletal, endocrine, etc) and the associated qualified conditions for each system. For example, if your medical records show that you have limited cardiac capacity, this is a qualifying disability. The first question in any disability case is whether you meet the qualifications.

Work Injuries

If you have incurred an injury at work and can no longer work, you may qualify for SSDI or SSI. In these cases, I will represent you in a worker’s compensation claim, as well as a disability claim.

Disabled Veterans

A disabled veteran may qualify for veterans’ benefits and SSDI (or SSI) benefits at the same time.

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